The Woof in the Woods staff will help you, as pet owners, to assess your dog as an individual. Together we develop a plan to resolve the daily challenges you experience, whether it be nutritional or behavioral. Most importantly, we want you to be successful with your dog, however YOU define YOUR success.

Who gets a dog to be embarrassed by their naughty behaviors when you take them out? Maybe you did not realize you got a dog with skin and coat issues or other health issues. That is not what the joy of dog ownership is about! We understand how time consuming and frustrating that can be when all you really want is to have a 4-legged buddy to do fun stuff with! We have been there with our own personal dogs and that is what led us into helping others with their dogs.

Let’s be honest…we love dogs…we hate to see owners struggle…and want to help owners enjoy their time with their dogs and stop the struggle

Tracy and her husband Chip purchased Woof in the Woods and Specialized K9 Services in January of 2019. They have been working to steadily expand our training programs to help even more local residents and their dogs. Tracy and Chip have uniquely integrated their prior retail and healthcare careers, experience in the pet supply distribution industry, volunteer and training experience with animal shelters and rescue groups and years of diverse dog training with some of the top organizations and trainers in the world.

Our staff members bring a unique skill set and experiences to our team to help owners with their dogs. From struggles (with resolutions!) with personal dogs, kennel work, rescue and shelter experience to dog nutritional and behavioral training.


“We are into our 2nd level of training, and the staff and instructors really know their stuff! They give great individual attention too. They have helped my timid rescue pup grow more confident. I recommend them to everyone, no matter how far in training they want to take their dog. We are so lucky!!”
– Lee S.