Private Lessons are one-on-one personalized dog training lessons with our trainers. We focus on basic foundational obedience and advanced training concepts with you and your dog.

All lessons can be tailored to specific issues you are experiencing with your dog!

Often clients combine private lessons with group classes to personalize the benefits from a group class experience. Dog training is all about repetition, consistency and time, so we suggest training packages that allow owners to practice their homework between training sessions (at 1-2 week intervals) and have the opportunity to troubleshoot any challenges and continue learning foundational obedience concepts. However, we recognize that sometimes owners have put the training work in but get stuck on a single concept and just need a single training session to resolve the issue. In addition, we are able to help with any nutritional questions you may have.

Our private dog training lessons are available by a single lesson or packaged in groups of four or even bundled with other training services. Lessons are held at our training facility, in-home, or at a public location.


“Our 5 month old puppy had her first private training lesson and it has already made a huge difference!! Such a smart investment for any pet owner. Reasonable rates and exceptional results! We’ve signed her up for more.”
-Natalie S.